IC-320 is the latest innovation in protective coatings. This coating provides superior U/V stability with excellent color and gloss retention. It is a very versatile coating solution with limitless possibilities. The IC-320 protective coating provides unrivalled performance and can be used for residential decks, walkways, patios, garage floors and basement floors – or commercial & industrial applications. When applied in combination with other products this floor coating creates a tough, durable, U/V stable topcoat. No matter what your needs, this flooring application will protect your surfaces for years to come.

Technical Details

IC320 is a 0 VOC, aliphatic coating designed as an abrasion resistant topcoat for polyurea and polyurethane systems or as a  stand-alone product over properly prepared  substrates. It is available in five standard colors (can be custom colored) and in three optional non-skid finishes for a wide range of  flooring and decking applications. For  applications requiring additional water  resistance – such as pool linings direct to  metal applications – IC320 is  available in a super water-resistant grade.

  • Solvent Free – Zero VOC, no flammability issues, minimal environment impact.
  • Aliphatic – Excellent color and gloss retention.
  • Fast Cure – High productivity.
  • Waterproof – Excellent longevity in outdoor exposure.
  • Food Safe – CFIA approved for floors/walls/ceilings in food processing facilities.

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